Media and communication organisations: highly practised users of collaboration tools

Media and communication organisations: highly practised users of collaboration tools

Media and communication organisations: highly practised users of collaboration tools

By Ken Jacobson, Group Sales Director, Media and Communications, Dimension Data

Two-thirds of media and communications companies have a defined collaboration strategy and 40% of these have deployed this strategy as a single, company-wide initiative, instead of defining a departmental approach. That said, lines of business have considerable input in the collaboration strategy, with six out of 10 employing staff to implement and support collaboration. These are among the findings of Dimension Data’s 2016 Connected Enterprise Report.

The Report surveyed 900 participants who have a significant influence in recommending, purchasing, and/or deploying unified communications and collaboration technologies at their respective organisations.

The findings of the Report indicate that media and communications organisations are highly practised users of collaboration tools. They’re fluent in different digital interactions – including voice, text, and video – across fixed and mobile contexts.

Media and communications companies are distinct from other industries in the following areas:

  • Boosting the productivity of individual workers is the top priority behind collaboration investment.
  • Collaboration technologies have highly exceeded expectations in improving teamwork according to IT decision-makers.
  • Videoconferencing usage in the workforce is proportionally higher than other industries. This isn’t surprising, since multimedia content form a core part of what many of these organisations deliver.
  • Hosted services show higher adoption within the media and communications sector than in many other industries, notably for web conferencing, instant messaging and office productivity tools.
  • Reducing reliance on email is an explicit top-three trend impacting collaboration technology choices in the sector, according to IT decision-makers.
  • The use of consumer-grade collaboration tools is relatively higher in media and communications companies, but it is also largely approved by IT.

One in five media and communications organisations states that moving to the cloud is a top strategic objective. The adoption of cloud collaboration tools is critical, partly due to cost savings, but also to improve internal efficiency. There’s also other work to be done in order to reap the full benefits of collaboration investment: Many collaboration tools – whether legacy or already cloud-based – aren’t integrated with other applications and systems. Cloud-based services, usually based on common industry standards, can make this easier.


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